About Us

 Chinook’s Edge Mission and Vision


Mission: Chinook’s Edge School Division will engage every student in meaningful learning by challenging, encouraging and believing in them.

Vision: Chinook’s Edge School Division will be universally recognized as a  learning community where learning is personalized for all students to achieve success as compassionate and innovative global citizens.



Elnora School Goals


Goal #1 Excellence in Student Learning Outcomes

Outcomes: Students demonstrate high academic skills


Literacy Support- our efforts are directed so that each child can read and comprehend at grade level. Our strong literacy initiative and inclusion education focus helps struggling students who do not meet that target.

Quality Instruction- We will support each child and help them as much as possible to succeed academically

Celebration of results with students, parents and community.  We honor and recognize academic excellence, improvement and leadership.


Goal #2 High Quality Learning Opportunities for All

Outcome: Learners are well prepared for lifelong learning, world of work and citizenship


Provide opportunities for staff to meet collaboratively to improve their instructional practice

Provide opportunities for student citizenship at the local, provincial and global level

Continual advocacy and partnership with our community, Elnora School Council and outside agencies such as FSWW, FCSS, NP to support social-emotional growth, student happiness and success.Integrate technology into planning and instruction where appropriate


Goal #3 Highly Responsive and Responsible Education System

Outcome:  Foster and maintain an effective working relationship with parents, community and stakeholders.


Include staff, parents, community and our school division in the planning process

Communicate and engage parents, as partners, in the educational journey


Principal: Jocelyn Pennock
Number of Students: 57
Grade Configuration: Kindergarten to Grade 8
Trustee: Colleen Butler

As we have students in the building with anaphylactic nut and peanut allergies, we ask parents for their cooperation and request you do not send products or foods what may contain nuts or peanuts in your child's lunch or snacks. The risk to our students is critical, and therefore, we ask for all students to observe this precaution. Thank you for your cooperation in regards to this very important matter.