Parent Council

Elnora School Parent Council Meeting Minutes

November 17th 2016


Attendance: Aimee, Lynn, Carley, Angela, Tamara, Shauna, Patricia, Colleen, Karen P, Karen W.


Meeting called to Order @ 3:40p.m.


Approval of Agenda: Carley Approves Karen 2nds

Approval of October Minutes: Patricia Approves, Lynn 2nds

Treasurers’ report: opening balance of $3561.46 balance as of today $5671.23 (with a few small pending cheques).

Tamara Adopts, Patricia 2nds.


Old Business:

No Hot Lunch in December as PAC provides xmas manners meal.

Taco in a bag Hot lunch coming up Nov. 22 Carley, Lynn and Karen w to help prepare and serve that day.

Brama Rama money will be put towards school Theatrical production in the future. Aimee will prepare a letter for brahma rama committee.

Class fieldtrip money –Karen P made a motion to split the extra classroom money between the two triple-graded classrooms. Patricia 2nds. So the kindergartens, 7&8’s will each get $300 and the 4,5,6, & 1,2,3, will get $450 each.


New business:

Fundraiser discussed but nothing has been decided. Tabled until January. Aimee will look for prizes after xmas for a possible bingo family fun night.

 Manners meal will be Dec. 20th Volunteers are needed at 9a.m. at the Elnora Hall. Gwen Kidd will be asked to Cater the meal as has been done in the past but still need kitchen helpers!

Casino Application: Lynn will get the ball rolling on this ASAP we will apply for our non-profit status and then submit our Casino application.


Teachers Report: Xmas concert announced today. Lost treasure Sale coming up Dec 15th.  Student union is planning 6 fun xmas day activities. School is looking for basketball coaches. Xmas concert practice schedule will be coming home soon as well as a wish list of props needed for concert. Mr.Neville has found an old picture of the red brick school when it was first built and had it put on canvas which now hangs in the learning centre. Come have a look at this beautiful picture the next time you stop by!


Trustee Report:  School board General meeting coming up soon as well as the rural school board meeting.


Next meeting: January 12th 2017 @ 3:30 in the library

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.